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The 21st century has seen the rise of an epidemic in depression. As our culture becomes increasingly angry, chaotic, and hopeless vast numbers of Christian men and women are looking for help with their problem. In an age of unlimited knowledge and infinite connectivity, people are more isolated and alone than ever.  Happiness seems forever elusive as people look for the more abundant life but seem unable to find it.

We understand! Using the foundation of our own experiences, we take an approach to overcoming life's difficulties that is grounded in both spiritual and medical principles. Hope Again: A 30 Day Plan for Conquering Depression provides step-by-step encouragement and instruction to manage and win over depression. Follow our weekly Blog posts for encouragement.

Physician's Fact

Physician's Fact #1: Depression is an Illness

Depression is a PHYSICAL illness! After I fell off the trampoline and ripped my britches open right in front of my girlfriend, I ran across the yard to my car and stepped in a hole. I heard the bone in my foot break.

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Physician's Fact #2: The Brain is Boss!

Who is the boss your Body or your Brain? This may seem like a simple question. But, the truth is the Brain is connected to your body by more than just nerves. Chemicals called hormones (more than those you are familiar with!) have an effect on portions of the brain.

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Physician's Fact #3: Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

heartbodyDepression is more than just a disease of the brain. It has a foundation in the four aspects of your existence. Most of the time, depression begins in the brain.

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Physician's Fact #4: The Brain's Chemistry Set

The brain is filled with nerve cells all interconnected by their “axons”. Would you like to see an axon?

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Physician's Fact #5: Treating Depression

Since depression is a physical illness, you should attack your disease from the physical vantage point as well as the emotional and spiritual. In fact, it will take all three approaches to defeat your depression.

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Physician's Fact #6: The Four Horsemen!

Right now as you contemplate “what is wrong with me?”I want you to realize there are four aspects of your being that are impacted by the disease of depression.

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Physicians' Fact #7: Neurotransmitters

Fifty years ago, the famous science fiction series Doctor Who burst onto the television screens of the world. The show was already on the "bubble" by its third episode and the producers were afraid of cancellation. Then, the show's producer introduced what has become the most fearsome creature in modern science fiction, the Dalek.

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Physicians' Fact #8: Talk It Out!

Talk it out. There are many kinds of professional counselors available to you. If you are suffering from depression, you need to talk it out.

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Faith Fact

Faith Fact #1: Your Depression and Jesus

One of the characteristics of those of us who fight depression is a high sense of guilt coupled with a profound belief that no one could really love someone like us.

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Faith Fact #2: Your Depression and God's Love

Think of this as a continuation from last week’s Faith Fact.  I closed that article quoting Romans 8:38-39.  Those verses, by the way, are worth your memorizing. 

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Faith Fact #3: God's Word or Your Emotions?

If I could, I’d put a big red star beside this article.  I’d also have arrows pointing to it with the words:  “IMPORTANT!  PAY ATTENTION!” 

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Faith Fact #4: Your Foundation is All Important!

There are several things I’m good at.  For example, I’m a natural encourager.  If I’m around you for long, I’ll probably sense potential in your life you may not even be aware of!

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Faith Fact #5: You Can Begin Using Your Depression for Christ

Last week we looked at moving from being a victim to asking God to use our depression for His glory.  This week, let’s look at how this can start taking place in our lives. 

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Faith Fact #6: Think Positive When You Feel Negative

Has this ever happened to you?  Some well-meaning person decides they’re going to help you with your depression. 

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Faith Fact #7: Suicide and God's Word

Suicide is on the rise in the U.S.  Every year sees more and more of us taking our lives.  Just how bad is it?  Suicides claim more lives than Leukemia, automobile accidents, or Prostate cancer.  Incredibly, the latest statistics tell us twice as many people die by suicide as by homicide! (USA Today, 08-13-14, pg.2A).

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Q & A

Q&A #1: How Do I Know I Am Depressed?

Maybe you’re just a little bit down. Or, just having a bad week. Take the following “test”to see if you have “major depressive episodes”.

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Q&A #2: Is It All in My Mind?

Depression is a multi-factorial disease. It doesn't JUST affect the brain. If affects the entire body!

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Q&A #3: Where Can I Get Help?

Let us be clear. Our book, “Conquering Depression”and the soon to be released update, “Hope Again”will put you on the right path towards conquering depression.

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Q&A #4: Do I Have a "Chemical" Imbalance?

“Chemical imbalance”is a popular phrase and is way overused. But, it is an accurate description of what is happening in the brain particularly in depression.

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Q&A #5: Do I Need Medication?

A pill a day keeps the doctor away! Does this mean you MUST take medication to cure your depression? Not necessarily. Depending on the severity of your depression, medication may not be necessary.

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Q&A #6: Can I Defeat Depression in Just 30 Days?

Depression doesn't come overnight. And, depression cannot be defeated overnight. But, studies have shown that a person can make significant changes in 30 days.

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Q&A #7: What is serotonin?

Sarah who?

In this week's Physician's Fact, we learned about neurotransmitters, the chemicals that allow your nerves or "neurons" to talk to each other. And, in answering the question, "How Did I Get Here?" there is one neurotransmitter in particular we need to become very familiar with.

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Today's Life Filter

Life Filter 30

Today, I will:

  1. Give my broken life to God and allow Him to use the pieces to make me a part of His picture of eternity.
  2. Start over with LifeFilter #1 tomorrow!
God's Promise to Me:
“To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy—to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.”
Jude 24–25

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