Q&A #14: What are the Psychological Benefits of Exercise?

When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Years ago when I used to run 6 miles a day, I craved that “runner’s high”. There was a point in my run when suddenly I would feel euphoric, on top of the world, full of energy, and as if I could run forever.

Sadly, my bad back and my age have curtailed my running and I no longer experience the runner’s high. But, that feeling has a real underlying cause thanks to endorphins.

In my Physician’s Fact this week, I talk more about how endorphins work but you must realize that regular exercise triggers a positive feeling gin the body. This positive and energizing feeling improves self-esteem and delivers on preventing worsening of depression. In this week’s blog, I talk about more about how exercise benefits a person with depression so check that blog post out. For now, realize that any movement will help you kick up the endorphins and feel better. So, take a positive step forward in your journey through conquering depression.

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