Q&A #9: Will I Get Depressed Again?

Someone, no something was following me. I could feel the dark, fetid breath of the thing just out of the corner of my eye. I would stop and turn and it wasn’t there.

beastAlways just out of sight but it was gaining on me. The first time this beast pounced on my back and knocked me to the ground, I realized my depression had returned. That second attack was far more brutal than the first.

But, now, I had weapons. The shock threw me for a while but once I realized I was depressed again, I pulled out all stops and chased the beast back into the shadows. I learned a powerful lesson that day that has been substantiated by numerous scientific reports.

You see, if you have a major depressive episode you are very likely to have another one. Depression doesn’t just disappear. You can only hope to keep it at bay. Fact is, you will get depressed again. So, I suggest you pay very close attention to your environment. Look at the jungle of emotions and dysfunction swirling around you. Look for the footprints in the dirt that tell you it is stalking you.

I have been through enough relapses now that I know what will trigger a minor depressive episode. I note it. I tell my wife and I pull out my tools and prepare for battle. Yes, depression will overcome me again. But, each time, I am prepared. My family is prepared. And, the duration is shorter and shorter.

You see, I now know there is HOPE for me to conquer my depression. And with HOPE, I find triumph and victory over this beast with the help of my God and my friends and family. So pause right now and realize that depression will return. Get prepared and get ready for it. Sharpen your weapons and pay attention to your daily plan. Get ready to conquer depression so that each battle will be short and you will eventually win the war!

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