Q&A #8: What is the LIE?

One of the most disturbing aspects of our modern culture is our shifting foundation of truth. We no longer believe in the absolutes of truth and lies. We no longer believe in the absolutes of right and wrong.

lieThis provides those voices of self destruction a perfect way to enter into our thinking. It wasn’t long after my first visit to my counselor that he posed this question. After listening to my confession of low self esteem, poor self values, and thoughts of ending my life that he stopped me and asked this question.

What is the lie?

I had a paradigm shift that day. You mean someone is lying to me? You mean I am lying to myself? You mean I’m making life changing decisions based on a lie? It was then I got angry. Very angry.

You see, the enemy of life; the purveyor of chaos; the one being in all of creation who hates humanity is the Father of Lies. And, if you listen to those lies, you will fulfill his plan for your life – chaos, self destruction, self hatred, and eventually death. This is a simple question. Whenever you are confronted with thoughts that lead you deeper into your depression just stop.

Ask that question.

What is the lie? What lie have I just bought into? What lie is destroying my life? Take our your LifeFilter for that day. On one side of that LifeFilter there is an instrument of power against lies. It is the Truth of God’s word. Pause and bathe in the Truth; immerse yourself in the Truth; let the light and love of God’s word banish the enemy and his poisonous lies from you life for this one moment. Embrace the truth and defeat the lie and you will soon conquer your depression!

What Is A LifeFilter?

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