Q&A #6: Can I Defeat Depression in Just 30 Days?

Depression doesn't come overnight. And, depression cannot be defeated overnight. But, studies have shown that a person can make significant changes in 30 days.

30daysWhen I, Bruce, descended into my depression it took me two years of counseling to make lasting changes. But, the first 30 days were pivotal. In the past, when I became depressed (and did not realize what was happening to me) I would make a promise to my wife and to myself I would get help. But, if I DID NOT MAKE CHANGES within the first two weeks, my resolve would slip and I would find myself right back in the midst of the behavior that fostered depression.

This is why we designed our book as a 30 day plan. No, you will not be completely cured in 30 days. But, you can make the necessary changes in your heart, mind, and soul that will put you on a lasting path toward hope again. Don't misunderstand our intention. We do not PROMISE to cure your depression. What we do PROMISE is to give you 30 days of equipping tools and weapons so you can last beyond the first 30 days. Think of it as more of a boot camp -- of acquainting you with the tools and weapons you will need to conquer depression daily.

Hope Again is not a quick fix book. It is not like a 30 day plan for weight loss or getting rich. It is filled with encouraging words and ideas that both Mark Sutton and I developed to help us defeat depression on a daily basis. Do I still get depressed? Yes, I do. But, now when I feel depression coming on, I quickly fall back on my "training" and my tools to get me through the tough times. Depression may still come, but it is less intense than before and I am able to defeat it more quickly.

Start on the life long path toward hope again by committing to the first 30 days of your battle against depression. The skirmishes will come and go but in the end, your battle against depression can be won!

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