Q&A #3: Where Can I Get Help?

Let us be clear. Our book, “Conquering Depression”and the soon to be released update, “Hope Again”will put you on the right path towards conquering depression.

Our books contain many tools or “weapons”against depression. But, the book is not enough by itself. Neither Mark nor I treat depression. Our contributions to your battle against depression arise from our own personal struggles with depression.

We want to share with you the knowledge we have gained and the weapons we have developed to conquer depression. But, you will need a team.

First, you will need a medical doctor. This is NOT an option. As I mentioned in today’s Physician Fact, depression has a physical foundation.

Second, you will need a counselor. This may be a professional counselor who is part of a counseling center, a psychologist, or if your church has a counseling program, a church counselor.

Third, you will need spiritual support. You can find this in a church, a small group, a Bible study group, a house church, or in a very supportive group of friends or family who are firmly rooted in the scriptures. For now, you may want to begin with the book, but soon, as we say over and over in the book, you will have to add these other three members to your Conquering Depression Team.

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