Q&A #1: How Do I Know I Am Depressed?

Maybe you’re just a little bit down. Or, just having a bad week. Take the following “test”to see if you have “major depressive episodes”.

—Depressed mood, that is, loss of pleasure or you are performing at a lower level than before symptoms began.

—Loss of appetite and weight.

—Difficulty with sleep such as early morning wakening or sleeping longer and more often than usual.

—Fatigue, that is, tiredness or low energy

—A slowing of speech or physical movements such as a long pause before answering a question. Or, speech may be very quiet and almost inaudible.

—Agitation and anxiety such as hand wringing, pacing, or inability to sit still.

—Low self esteem and guilt

—Difficulty concentrating

—Thoughts of death, death wishes, or suicide

If you have at least five of the symptoms and they last for at least 2 weeks then you may be depressed. We want to help you find hope now!

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